#iBod - A Twitter hashtag to remind posthumans what it was like when people had bodies; a moving corpus of corporeal schemata. This list is updated manually, so if you know of a good way to automate it, leave a comm--ah, heck, "manually" ain't so bad, is it?
  1. Despite having two arms, legs, ears & eyes, every body has its/their asymmetries. What shoe goes on first? How do you cross your legs? #iBod
  2. Is it a coincidence that people are identified as "bodies" before they're differentiated by names? "Anybody", "Somebody", "Nobody"... #iBod
  3. A universal childhood experience? Lying down and gazing at one's feet *all the way over there*, & amazed to realize: I can move those! #iBod
  4. @tildensky embodiment: acutely aware of my aching hand/wrist (carpal tunnel?!), having been plugged in for extended periods of time #iBod
  5. Clasping hands--each finger feels the other from both sides, inside and out. Mild pressure in 40 directions at once = inner calm. #iBod
  6. At #CPIL, on gesture, a fascinating ex. of how people often 'point' with their eyes...what, then, do our eyes point at when reading? #iBod
  7. Are these really my hands? The world felt and the world seen felt seem at odds in the figure of the hands. One's own hands. #iBod
  8. @tildensky I was intrigued by this new field, Foot Studies in Communication, and then I realized that I'd misread your tweet... #iBod
  9. @viola_lasmana "hand it over", "ask for her hand", "get one's hands dirty", "have the upper hand"...ain't hands over heels in the #iBod y? 
  10. The smell of impending rain...is almost enough to leave one's #iBod behind. 
  11. @brycepeake Yup, wet cyborgs are cyborgs too. But sludging barefoot in the mud on a rainy day is a pleasure mighty hard to digitize. #iBod
  12. on my second day without a cellphone in my pocket, #hand_reaches_into_pocket_to_check_messages_count just passed 50. #iBod
  13. RT @elemveee on (not) wearing watches: "kids now live in a digitized world & the time for them is everywhere." http://on.ted.com/8Lp1 #iBod
  14. the clumsiness of learning to text on a new phone is kinda like learning to ride a bike or... kiss or... do yoga or... ice skate or...#iBod
  15. Among other changes the #iPad may be bringing is an increase of stooping over & bad posture in the #iBod. Screens at an angle ain't so bad! 

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